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Majid J., Chandler, AZ 21 Apr 2017
You sort of expect top notch service from Mercedes dealers regardless of where they are located, but when a dealership goes above and beyond and exceeds all expectations.  Well that is something worth Yelping about.  My experience with Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale started when I was shopping for a car last year.  Because of my demanding work schedule, I am way too busy to go to dealerships to shop for cars, and as an car fanatic, I knew exactly what I wanted and did not need a dog and pony show.SO, I EMAILED a bunch of dealers looking for a specific car/model, and price.  Ron Moran, the sales person at Scottsdale, was the only one who responded with helpful, and actionable info.  Others either ignored me or would only talk to me if I came in.  Ron worked with me for 4 months, going back and forth via email, until they received the EXACT model I wanted in stock.  When I decided to pull the trigger, he accommodated my schedule, met with me at a time that was convenient to me and my family, and was 100% transparent trough out out the entire sale process. The experience did not end there.  The dealership took excellent car of me, when the paint on the car was damaged by a reckless landscaper.  They repaired the cosmetic damage at no charge.Now, after owning the car for close to a year, I only service the car at this dealership.  I drive up to Scottsdale more than 20 miles, and pass two other dealerships that are closer because of the amazing service I get at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale.  Josh Wilson, one of the service reps at the dealership has been just a joy to work with.  Always anticipating my needs.  Has a loaner ready to go, promptly responds on the phone or email, and always explains everything that needs to be done very clearly.Truly top notch! Show more
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car guy Dan 12 Apr 2017
My overall purchase experience with Bojan Savic and Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale was very good. Every thing went smooth and I purchased and took delivery in less than a half day. Gus Gozales did an excellent job explaining all the accessories.
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The Newmans 01 Apr 2017
This by far was the best shopping experience ever. Steve was very patient with me and my wife. I would recommend everyone to buy at Scottsdale Mercedes.
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Smeghan 23 Mar 2017
I had a great experience with Stephenie and Tino. I enjoyed walking through the dealership and I was very knowledgeable about the products! I will definitely be coming back.
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Caroline S., Phoenix, AZ 11 Mar 2017
Bruce Waller was our salesman and was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding us the perfect car (3x's total now). He wasn't pushy and actually listens to us. We have referred him to friends and family and have positive feedback each and every time. The M Class was the last vehicle we purc...hased from Bruce (and it's a great one!). He will take great care of you. Show more
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Rick34o 10 Mar 2017
I searched for a 2009 E63AMG for several months on numerous sites and finally found a vehicle that was priced and up to the caliber I was searching for. MB of Scottsdale listed a recently traded 2009 last week and I happened to spot the vehicle as soon as it was listed. I sent an inquiry to the and was notified promptly that the car was available to look at. The pictures of the car looked great and I called the sales rep who had responded to my inquiry. His name is Bojan Sabic and he was very friendly and answered my initial questions in depth. I arranged to come and see the car on a Saturday morning and arrived early knowing the car would sell quickly. Bojan brought the car up front and greeted my son and I in the lobby. I looked at the car thoroughly including underneath. I have owned many cars and have restored several. The three of us went for a brief test drive and Bojan and I had a good conversation about AMG, the factory, the sales business, etc. Thankfully, he did not turn the radio up high like so many salespeople often do. As a car buff, I was listening for noises, squeaks, rattling, etc. This allowed me to read the vehicle inputs and get a feel for the car. At this point I wish to salute the previous owner(s) of this car. It runs great and was impeccably maintained. The VMI was also provided And I was able to see the record of the car and how it had been maintained. We returned to the dealership and an initial offer was prepared. I countered and the offer was accepted. I probably could have negotiated a lower price but I thought the car was worth nearly what they were asking for it. A few minutes later we went to the finance office and were sold a couple of items. Again, I could have declined but agreed the items were a good thing to get. We were told that the vehicle needed a safety inspection and the dealer said they'd install new tires, a serpentine belt, and a grille in the front. I thought that was great service for them to replace these items at no charge to me. I asked to have the 722.9 trans service done, which I paid for. The car was ready yesterday and was detailed, filled with fuel and ready to go. I got a picture with Bojan next to the car after meeting service advisor Richard Plant. Both men and the entire staff, (including the mechanics who answered my gear head questions) were all friendly, courteous, and professional. They were non-judgmental, responsive to my questions, and thoroughly knowledgeable about Mercedes vehicles. I hope to return to the dealership in the future for a GL SUV. Thanks to everyone at MB Scottsdale for making my E63 the best car buying experience I have ever had! Show more
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NicMcVey 04 Mar 2017
The entire process from my online inquiry to driving off the lot was a pleasant one. Everyone was responsive, informative and easy to talk to. My sales person, Bojan was fabulous! He made me enjoy the experience.
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Joe82 02 Mar 2017
This dealership has a friendly atmosphere and a large selection of vehicles to choose from. Marcel, who was my salesman, treated me and my family with lots of respect. He took the time to show me different vehicles and walked me through all the components of the vehicle I bought. Best of all, it was... a speedy experience and I highly recommend doing business with this dealership. Keep up the great work guys! Show more
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Shanemecedes 27 Feb 2017
Bojan is always a pleasure to work with. Entire process was uneventful and perfect! Great salesmanship and never tried to oversell. Entire staff is awesome.
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Ashley124 27 Feb 2017
After being given the run around in Tucson, I reached out to Scottsdale to help me with my Mercedes purchase; Scottsdale was nothing but amazing! Joesph and Lavinia helped me and made my experience so pleasant and easy! Also, Chris the finance manager was a pleasure to work with! Wonderful job Merce...des of Scottsdale! Show more
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