Complimentary Loaner Cars

No customer likes to be without their vehicle for any period of time and we understand this. For your convenience, we offer a loaner vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced. We offer a selection of loaner vehicles in the choice of a C-Class, CLA, GLA, E-Class, GLK, or ML, so you can retain a comfortable ride on the road, even while your own vehicle is not available.

  1. I am at least 21 years old. I have valid automotive collision and liability insurance in the sate of Arizona. I understand that all personal injury and property damage claims resulting from my use of the above motor vehicle will be filed against my personal automobile insurance policy. I understand that my insurance is considered primary for this car while in my care. In the event that my insurance does not cover damages, for whatever reason, I am aware that the liability to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale is mine and I will pay regardless of any issue I may have with insurance carrier.
  2. I also understand that in the event that the vehicle is damaged while in my care, I will be held responsible for the daily cost of $40 per day while the vehicle is being repaired.
  3. I will be the sole driver of above loaner vehicle.
  4. A fuel usage charge of $12.45 per day (max $48.00) that you have the vehicle will be applied to your Service R.O.
  5. I understand that I am responsible for all damage noted on the vehicle check-in report which is not noted on the vehicle check-out report. (below)
  6. I have provided Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale with a credit card imprint for the purpose of charging me for the following, if appropriate:
  • unreported damage to the loaner vehicle
  • late charge of $50 per day if vehicle is not returned by agreed day and time
  • extraordinary cleaning expenses
  • parking tickets/speeding tickets
  1. I agree to return the loaner vehicle by the date and time noted below, unless late return is specifically agreed to by Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale
  2. I understand that there is no food/drink, smoking, or pets allowed in the loaner vehicle. I understand that I will be responsible for interior detailing charges in the amount of $85.00 if this rule is not adhered to.
  3. I agree that the above mentioned car and any damages correspond to the vehicle check out report
  4. Vehicle is not to be driven outside of a 50 mile radius from Scottsdale, unless special permission is not noted (subject to a mileage charge of $.50 per mile).

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