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2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Scottsdale AZ

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2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Scottsdale AZ

The G-Class is one of the most recognizable Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the entire fleet, thanks to minimal styling changes and a devotion to individuality, the G-Class sticks out in any crowd. For 2017, the body styling remains virtually unchanged, but the new DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes and mbrace features keep the G-Class at the head of the market. If you are looking for a 2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Scottsdale AZ, come to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale today to see our inventory!

In the United States, the G-Class is available as the G550, the G63, and the G65. The G65 is one of the most powerful SUVs on the planet, but the G550 and the G63 are also legendary vehicles. With 416 horsepower, the G550 can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds. As you move up the line to the AMG G65, you will find a 6.0L biturbo V12 engine with 621 horsepower. This range of power means there is a G-Class for any level of use from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley.


There is no other SUV quite like the G-Class, With a maximum horsepower rating of 621 and 738 lb-ft of torque, the G-Class can jump to 60 from 0 in just 5.2 seconds.


Engine Options

The G-Class is available with three engines. The first is a 4.0L biturbo V8. The second is a 5.5L AMG biturbo V8 and the last is the 6.0L AMG biturbo V12 found in the G65.


Fuel Economy

The G-Class is mostly known for its off-road abilities and outstanding performance, but it also capable of 14 miles per gallon on the highway and 13 miles per gallon in the city.

Off-Road Capabilities

The G-Class really starts to shine when the road ends. The G-Class is one of the only passenger vehicles available with three lockable differentials and supports two off-road DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes. The lockable differentials allow drivers to control which wheels get power from the engine. With this setup, it is nearly impossible for a G-Class to get stuck in the mud as long as at least one wheel is free. The G-Class can climb a 36-degree angle and can stay upright all the way to a sideways tilt of 28.4-degrees. If you have any questions about the 2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, contact us today at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale!

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