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Mercedes-Benz Roadster Scottsdale AZ

Mercedes-Benz Roadster Scottsdale AZ

The roadster is something that you can take to work and the track all in one day and no one does it better than Mercedes-Benz. It is a product of this decade and for those who can sacrifice seating capacity for smiling capacity, there is no looking back. If you are looking for a Mercedes-Benz roadster in Scottsdale AZ, you won't find a better deal at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale.

A roadster is a two-seater sports car, usually a convertible, that stimulates humans. Mercedes-Benz has two creative takes on this concept known as the SL-Class and the SLC. Both coincide with the curriculum of the aforementioned description and both provide a unique experience behind the wheel that can be reduced to one question. Are you looking for adrenaline or a heart attack?


With a range of 241 to 621 horsepower, there is a roadster for ever man woman and child on the planet Earth. 



As long as there are only two of you, the SLC and the SL-Class are more comfortable than home sweet home, especially at full throttle. 


Fuel Economy

Because of their lack of weight and perfect balance, roadsters like the SLC300 are capable of more than 30 MPG. 

2017 Mercedes-AMG SL63 Grille and Headlights
2017 Mercedes-AMG SL65 Front Seats
2017 Mercedes-Benz SLC cars with tops down
2017 Mercedes-AMG SLC43 Dashboard


No one knows performance better than Mercedes-AMG and three roadsters under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella wear this badge. They are known as the SLC43, the SL55, and the SL65. Not only do they come with engines with enough power to push a train, but they also have half of a century of performance innovation imprinted in their DNA. From twisting around corners to stopping on dime, everything about the Mercedes-Benz roadster points to the finish line. Biturbo power, AIR SCARF, and DYNAMIC SELECT are but a few of the toys Mercedes-Benz roadsters get to play with. Not sure what those are? Schedule a test drive! If you have any questions about Mercedes-Benz and our collection of roadsters in Scottsdale, AZ, fill out the form on this page to get in contact with us today! We are open every day of the week and we can't wait to show you what we are talking about!

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