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Fleet Pricing Program Available From Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale

If your company is considering adding Mercedes-Benz vehicles to its fleet, enrolling in our corporate program can give you access to benefits designed to help make purchasing fleet vehicles even easier and more cost effective!

You can contact us directly at (480) 409-0409.

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with hundreds of companies to offer special pricing to their employees on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle registered under the corporate name. If your company is not currently participating we are happy to help you apply!

Scroll down for detailed instructions on the application process. All offers and programs are for qualified customers only.

Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter and smart vehicles are all eligible for inclusion in your fleet. Get started today!

The Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program is designed to meet the needs of corporate customers interested in purchasing or leasing Mercedes-Benz vehicles for inclusion in their corporate fleets.

If you have decided that your company will participate in the program, you first need to apply for a Corporate Account Number (CAN) from Mercedes-Benz. To qualify for a CAN, the following criteria must be met:

A company must have 5 or more vehicles (any make or model, owned or leased) currently registered in the company name. Registrations must be currently active.

Once approved, your company will receive a Corporate Account Number (CAN) allowing your company to purchase vehicles through the program. Offers are based on dollar amounts and paid from the first vehicle purchased after qualifying with MBUSA.

To register fill out the Corporate Account Enrollment Form.

For details on the complete rules, click here.

Mercedes-Benz American Bar Association

American Bar Association

Exciting new member benefit with Mercedes-Benz! This leader in luxury vehicles offers over 55 models to satisfy every driving style. Envision yourself behind the wheel of a sporty C-Class Coupe, the flagship S-Class luxury sedan, a stylish SL-Class roadster or another legendary vehicle from Mercedes-Benz!

Member benefit: Save $2,000 to $4,000 on the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz. View member savings.

Visit the ABA site for details

Mercedes-Benz American Dental Association

American Dental Association

The Mercedes-Benz endorsement gives ADA members between $2,000 to $4,000 off the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. A worldwide leader in luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz offers more than 55 models to satisfy every driving style. Every class of vehicle will be eligible within the program for ADA members, including the popular C-Class Coupe and the flagship S-Class luxury sedan.

A luxury automotive benefit is one that is highly valued among ADA members.

Details at

Mercedes-Benz American Medical Association

American Medical Association

The American Medical Association has expanded the Member Value Program to bring you more resources and savings that fit you and your practice.

  • Save $1000-$4,000 on the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle
  • More than 55 models to satisfy every driving style
  • Choose a rugged SUV, luxurious sedan, stylish coupe, BlueTEC® clean diesel model or a fun to drive smart car

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2017 C-Class (Sedan) $2,000
2018 C-Class (Sedan) $1,750
2018 C-Class (Coup & Cab) $1,000
2017 E-Class (CAB, Coupe, Sedan) $2,000
2018 E-Class (Sedan)
2018 E-Class (Coupe) $1,000
2018 E-Class (Cab & Wagon) $500
2017 S-Class (Sedan)
2018 S-Class (Sedan) (excludes S450V/V4) $1,500
2018 S-Class S450V/V4 $3,500
2017 CLA-Class (all) $1,000
2018 CLA-Class (excludes CLA250C4) $1,250
CLA250C4 $1,500
2017 E-Class (wagon) $1,000
2017 CLS-Class (all) $1,000
2018 CLS-Class (all) $500
2017 S-Class (Coupe) $500
2017 E-Class (Coupe) $3,500
2017 GLA-Class (all) $1,000
2018 GLA-Class (all)
2018 CLA-Class (all) $1,000
2017 GLC-Class (all) $500
2018 GLC-Class (Coupe) $1,500
2018 GLC-Class (SUV) $500
2017 GLE-Class (SUV)
2017 GLE-Class (Coupe) $500
2018 GLE-Class (SUV)
2018 GLE-Class (Coupe) $500
2017 GLS-Class (all) $1,000
2018 GLS-Class (all) $1,000
2017 G-Class (all) $500
2018 G-Class (excludes G550 4x4) $500
2017 E-Class (Cabriolet) $3,500
2017 SLC-Class (all) $1,500
2018 SLC-Class (all)
2017 SL-Class (all)
2018 SL-Class (all) $1,500
2017 Mercedes-Maybach S600 $500
2018 Mercedes-Maybach $500
2017 B-Class (all) $2,500
2017 S-Class (Cabriolet) $500 (S550A)
2017 S-Class (Cabriolet) $15,500 (AMG)
2017 smart pure and passion (ICE) coupe $1,250 or $1,750 or $2,250
2017 smart pure and passion (ICE) Cabriolet $500 or $1,000 or $1,500
2016 smart ICE $2,250 or $3,250 or $3,750
2016 smart electric $1,000 or $2,800