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Mercedes-Benz Sedan, Coupe & Cabriolet Comparison Research


The C-Class is the most recognizable Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the road. It's overwhelming popularity has helped it become one of the most affordable luxury cars in existence, but it didn't get to where it is without making some enemies along the way.

2017 AMG® C63 vs Lexus RC F
2017 AMG C43 vs 2016 AMG C450
2016 C300 vs BMW 320i
2016 AMG C450 vs 2015 C400
2016 C300 vs Lexus IS200t
2016 AMG® C63 vs Lexus GS F
2017 C-Class vs E-Class
2017 C43 vs Lexus IS350 F Sport
2017 C 300 vs Audi A5
2017 C 300 vs Lexus IS 300
2017 C 300 vs Chrysler 300C
2017 C 300 vs Cadillac ATS
2017 C 300 vs BMW 320i
2017 C 300 vs Acura ILX


The S-Class is the flagship vehicle of the Mercedes-Benz brand and a true representation of the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle. As the ultimate in luxury, the S-Class is unmatched even against the likes of Jaguar and Porsche.

2017 S550 vs Tesla Model S 75
2016 S550 vs Lexus LS600h
2016 S550 vs Jaguar XJ Supercharged
2017 S550 vs Maserati Quattroporte
2017 S550 vs Range Rover
2017 AMG S63 vs Audi A8 L W12
2017 S63 vs Audi S8 Plus
2017 S63 VS Jaguar XJR


You can't tell by looking at it, but the CLA packs a punch. It's the most affordable Mercedes-Benz offered in the United States and will knock out any opponent you put in front of it with efficiency and grace. There is nothing like it, really.

2016 AMG CLA45 vs Ford Focus RS
2017 CLA vs Cadillac ATS
2017 CLA250 vs BMW 228i
2017 CLA45 vs Audi S3
2018 CLA vs Audi A3


If you like the look of the CLA but you want a little extra power and luxury, the CLS steps up to the plate. Whether it be a BMW, a Porsche, or an Audi, the CLS secures the lead for Mercedes-Benz thanks to it's coupe-like features and sedan utility.

2017 CLS550 vs Audi S7
2017 CLS550 vs BMW 640i
2016 CLS400 vs BMW 640i
2016 CLS550 vs Porsche Panamera


The SLC is the quickest introduction to the Mercedes-Benz Roadster family. It offers the kind of fun that takes you out of your way and into your element. It is smaller than the SL-Class, but it comes with an AMG badge if that's what you need.

2017 AMG SLC43 vs SL450
2017 SLC300 vs BMW Z4 sDrive28i
2017 SLC vs 2017 Audi A5
2017 SLC vs 2017 Audi TT


The SL-Class has a long history with Mercedes-Benz stretching back for decades. If you want something that is unrestricted and out of the box, the SL-Class will steal your attention away from all other convertibles and cabriolets.

2017 SL450 vs AMG SLC43
2017 SL450 vs Chevy Corvette Z06
2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class vs Jaguar F-Type


When it comes to performance, it doesn't get any better than this. The AMG GT S is an award-winning vehicle with the skills to back it up. It is right at the top with the Audi R8 and the Ford GT, but it has that Mercedes-Benz biturbo charm to keep it in the lead.

2016 GT S vs Porsche 911 GT3
2016 GT S vs Audi R8
2016 GT S vs Jaguar F-Type
2017 GT S VS Audi R8
2017 GT VS Jaguar F-Type R
2018 Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster VS GT C Roadster