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2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs 2016 Lexus ES
2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 VS 2016 Lexus IS200t
241 HP/273 lb-ft Torque Power 241 HP/258 lb-ft Torque
3,417 lbs Curb Weight 3,583
6.2 Seconds 0-60 6.9 Seconds
25/34 MPG (City/Hwy) Efficiency 22/33 (City/Hwy)

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs 2016 Lexus IS

2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 Charcoal Interior

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Lexus IS are direct competitors. Unlike most Mercedes-Benz competition, Lexus is not a German brand. With the IS, Lexus brakes away from the luxury car template to create something unique. It is stylish and comfortable, but it still isn't a Mercedes-Benz. Throughout the car, there are many irregularities that point to the IS as being the inferior automobile in the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs 2016 Lexus IS argument.

On the surface, the IS200t and C300 are identical. They both feature a 2.0L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and their starting retail prices have a range of less than $1,500. The horsepower output is the same at 241, but if you dig a little deeper into the specifications, you will find that the C300 has 15 more lb-ft of torque than the IS200t. This may not seem like much, but in the low RPM range, it is more than noticeable. This is also reflected by the 0-60 times declared for each vehicle. In this category, 0.7 seconds is a lifetime and in itself is almost worth the $1,500 premium for the C-Class.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Efficiency

Mercedes-Benz is becoming the king of the power-to-efficiency ratio. With each new generation of C-Class, consumers get spoiled with more power and more efficiency at the same time. Ten years ago, this would have been a laughable idea, but Mercedes-Benz is making it a reality for everyone. With the help of the Mercedes-Benz turbocharger and a lower curb weight, the C300 maintains a higher fuel efficiency rating both in the city and on the highway. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class gets 25 miles per gallon in the city and 34 on the highway. Compared to the 22 city miles and 33 highway miles that the IS200t is capable of, the C300 has a combined EPA rating that beats the Lexus by two miles for every gallon. If you enjoy more power, more efficiency, and more reliability, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the right car for you. If you have any questions about this comparison, contact us today at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale.

2016 Lexus IS200t Beige Leather Interior