2016 GLE Pricing Information

2016 GLE Pricing Information for Everyone!

2016 GLE Pricing Information

Hold on to your hats! Mercedes-Benz has just released 2016 GLE pricing information, or in other words, how much money they want for the new GLE and GLE Coupe, expected to arrive at your local dealership any day now. The release of the GLE is highly anticipated thanks to its redesign from the M-Class and the heavy advertising that put it front and center in the Jurassic World movie. Along with the release of the GLE, the GLC is also making headlines as it replaces the GLK-Class. You could say Mercedes-Benz is crazy for making such drastic changes all at once, but crazy awesome would be a more appropriate description. Read on for an in-depth look at how much United States currency will be required to purchase one.

Mercedes-Benz promised us the GLE for August of 2015. Since it is August 2015 now, we can almost taste it. Both the GLE and the GLE Coupe will be coming out at the same time and both will feature an AMG model that will literally go really fast. The prices listed here are the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices. There may be other factors that adjust the price at your local dealer.



2016 GLE-Class SUV Price

GLE300d 4M


GLE350 4M




GLE400 4M






2016 GLE Pricing Information
2016 GLE SUV Pricing Information
2016 GLE Pricing Information
2016 GLE Pricing Information

2016 GLE-Class Coupe Price






2016 GLE Coupe Pricing Information
2016 GLE Pricing Information
2016 GLE Pricing Information

The 4M you see is short for 4MATIC, which is a fancy Mercedes-Benz way of saying all-wheel drive. Each one of these cars will be a thrill to drive. The trick is finding the one you can afford and still have fun with. We will keep you posted about when the GLE arrives at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale. Until then, just try to remain calm and read about the other Mercedes-Benz models. The full Mercedes-Benz press release can be found here.