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2019 MB S-Class exterior front fascia and passenger side in empty tile lot

How to make the Mercedes-Benz emblem light up in your luxury vehicle

If you are wondering how to make the Mercedes-Benz emblem light up on your luxury vehicle you aren’t the only one! It’s always best to double-check that this is indeed one of the illuminated emblems. If it isn’t you have some options. But if it is, then it should light up automatically when you turn your car on, much like daytime running headlights. Still not sure? Here’s what you need to know. Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 MB C-Class interior steering wheel and partial dashboard

Can my 2019 Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle park itself?

There are many different driver-assist technologies in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Because of this variety, it can get a bit confusing trying to understand how each one works. That’s why we are going to be taking a look at some of these technology features and explain how they can help you. So, let’s see how the Park Assist will work on your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle. Can your Mercedes-Benz vehicle park itself? The short answer is ‘sort of,’ and ‘depends on which features you have,’ but you may want to take a second look. Read the rest of this entry >>

white mercedes-benz amg vehicle

Learn how to use the active parking assist on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle

How does the active parking assist work on my Mercedes-Benz vehicle? 

Parallel parking does not have to be stressful. Sometimes, spots are tight and few between, but your Mercedes-Benz vehicle can aid in your endeavor now. It will help you park with the active parking assist feature. This feature will tell you whether a parallel parking spot is big enough for your vehicle. Furthermore, the active parking assist can help guide your Mercedes-Benz vehicle into the spot, while you maintain overall control. Learn how to use the active parking assist on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle by watching the video or reading our summary below. 

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mercedes-benz scottsdale 9g-tronic automatic transmission

What Are the Features of the Mercedes-Benz 9G-TRONIC Transmission?

Mercedes-Benz is known for its quality and innovation. Their luxurious interiors are feature-rich and offer drivers and passengers comfort and convenience. But what really makes Mercedes-Benz special is its performance. One of the most impressive offerings from Mercedes-Benz is its 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. With the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, drivers will experience a smoother and more efficient drive. It’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is offering an innovation that will improve performance, comfort, and efficiency. Read more to learn about the 9G-TRONIC transmission from Mercedes-Benz.
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premium regular unleaded fuel mercedes-benz scottsdale

What is the Difference Between Premium and Regular Unleaded Fuel?

Gasoline is obviously pretty crucial to your vehicle. Without it, you’d be stranded. But did you know that the type of fuel you use can affect your vehicle’s performance? Whether you’re an owner of a Mercedes-Benz automobile, or you’re simply shopping for one, you may have noticed Mercedes-Benz vehicles require premium unleaded fuel when refueling. But why? Is it worth paying a few extra dollars every time you fill up your vehicle? Let’s take a closer look at the differences between premium unleaded and regular unleaded fuel, and why your Mercedes-Benz will benefit from premium unleaded fuel.
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Mercedes-Benz Engine Cylinder Management Saves On Gas

What Is Mercedes-Benz CAMTRONIC® Valve Lift Adjustment?

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are complicated in all the best ways. Every time a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle is introduced, it comes with a new dialect that must be learned to truly appreciate what we are seeing. For the 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Sedan, this means figuring out what Mercedes-Benz CAMTRONIC® valve lift adjustment means. Read the rest of this entry >>