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2018 mercedes-benz convertible in purple

Learn why your car clunks when you change gears

Find out different reasons why your car clunks when you change gears 

Cars make all sorts of noises when they start up, accelerate, slow down, or even turn. Some of these noises are natural, but as you become accustomed to those noises, you may notice new sounds that aren’t as natural. If a new sound is occurring, such as a clunking when you change gears, it may be time to get some vehicle maintenance. First, you probably want to know what is wrong with your vehicle. So, keep reading to learn why your car clunks when you change gears.  

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service engine soon warning light up close

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Transmission Problems?

Taking care of your car is important. It has warning lights that come on for a reason when something is wrong. It’s better to take care of the problem right away when you notice your car acting up instead of waiting until it’s too late. If you take the correct precautions when caring for your car, it is likely to get you where you need to go without any issues. Continue reading to learn some common symptoms to look out for when dealing with transmission problems.  Read the rest of this entry >>