Flat tire on gravel road close up

What is a run-flat tire on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

There are a variety of options that you have when driving a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.  From technology to body design, you can find little nuggets of helpful features on your luxury vehicle. One of these features is a run-flat tire. But what does this tire actually do for your drive? Let’s find out!

Run-flat tire uses

As you might derive from the name, run-flat tires allow you minimal movement with low tire pressure. This means that as long as the tire itself isn’t damaged, you can move your vehicle up to 18 miles per hour on your low-pressure tire. This enables you to get your vehicle to a nearby mechanic or gas station to fix or inflate the tire. So, if your vehicle doesn’t have enough air in the tires, you have the added benefit of limited mobility, even when the air of your tires isn’t up to snuff.

You should be aware that, while run-flat tires can be beneficial, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever have a tire blowout. You should be aware of proper tire care and maintenance in order to extend the longevity of your vehicle tires.

Mercedes-Benz run-flat tire video

Mercedes-Benz created a video explaining the run-flat tires and how you can benefit from them. Of course, if you have any questions about these tires you can contact our team at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale. Want run-flat tires? We can help with that, as well!

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