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Learn why your car clunks when you change gears

Find out different reasons why your car clunks when you change gears 

Cars make all sorts of noises when they start up, accelerate, slow down, or even turn. Some of these noises are natural, but as you become accustomed to those noises, you may notice new sounds that aren’t as natural. If a new sound is occurring, such as a clunking when you change gears, it may be time to get some vehicle maintenance. First, you probably want to know what is wrong with your vehicle. So, keep reading to learn why your car clunks when you change gears.  

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hood open and engine exposed of mercedes-benz

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Four main reasons why your car clunks when you change gears 

As the heading says, there are four main reasons that why your car clunks when you change gears. We will go over each of these issues. 

The first problem to look for is low or old transmission fluid. Transmission fluid should be red or dark pink, other colors may indicate that it is old or burnt. This is easy to check for and the simple solution is to just replace your transmission fluids. If your transmission fluids are low, make sure to top them off and keep them at appropriate levels. Check your transmission fluids regularly. 

The other three problems are not as simple to check for. Your vehicle may be making odd sounds because the computerized sensors are giving incorrect information, or because the internal components are having issues that cause your vehicle to shift too hard or improperly in some way. Lastly, your transmission mount or engine mount might become loose, which will cause a noise to occur when you change speed or shift gears. Any of these three problems should be inspected by a professional for a proper diagnosis.

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