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How does Pedestrian Recognition work with the PRESAFE®* system in a Mercedes-Benz?

So how does the Pedestrian Recognition work with the PRESAFE®* system in your Mercedes-Benz model? Take a look at how this safety feature works on your luxury vehicle.

Pedestrian Recognition in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle

This technology uses radar in your vehicle to sense when there are objects in your path. It then alerts you to this and can potentially brake if you fail to respond in time. This means that the system can potentially prevent these collisions up to 30 miles per hour, and can potentially reduce the amount of harm caused by an accident by up to 45 mph.

However, this does not mean that you should rely solely on this safety technology. You should be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times when you are driving your vehicle. It is also important to note that this is the PRESAFE®* with Pedestrian Recognition, not the PRESAFE®* system itself.

PRESAFE® technology in Mercedes-Benz C-Class SedanWhat 2019 Mercedes-Benz vehicle has the PRESAFE®* system?

All of them! If you have a 2019 Mercedes-Benz vehicle, then the PRESAFE®* system is already standard on your vehicle. This means that you can enjoy the safety features that this technology brings.

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*PRESAFE® closes the side windows when the system’s sensors detect side movements that suggest a possible rollover. A small gap is left near the fully closed position. Seat and head restraints adjustment only when equipped with memory system.