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How to stay fit while social distancing in Scottsdale, AZ

It’s hard to go anywhere nowadays without hearing the words ‘social distancing.’ While this does and will continue to remain imperative not only here in Scottsdale, AZ, but worldwide, we know how antsy people are becoming. So, how can you stay fit while social distancing? Here are a few suggestions we’ve come up with.

Stay fit & active indoors & outdoors

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  • While you can’t really go to the gym anymore, who says you can’t bring the gym to your home? If you already have equipment, great! You’re already off to a good start. However, if you don’t have the typical gym equipment, not to worry!
  • If you have stairs in your house, now is the time to use them!
  • Spring cleaning. Yeah, we’re serious. Start digging out those boxes and sifting through them. While it isn’t a workout routing, this will keep you moving around and staying off the couch!
  • Embrace your inner health nut. Bust out the fruits and veggies and sift through the internet to find some recipes or create your own concoction!
  • While you are supposed to remain away from others, this can be easy to do if you go to a state park. So, if you are careful and stay aware of your surroundings, going out for a hike in the fresh air is another way to stay active. Plus, this has the benefit of getting you outside once more!

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