What is MB-Tex Upholstery

The Ups and Downs of MB-Tex Upholstery

What is MB-Tex Upholstery?

If you have recently purchased or test driven a new Mercedes-Benz, you may have been stumbled into the question, “What is MB-Tex upholstery?”. It is available in almost all Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the CLA-Class to the new GLE-Class coming out next month. If you assumed it was a kind of leather, you were almost right.

MB-Tex upholstery is Mercedes-Benz creation that is a more affordable supplement for leather. The material is actually made up of Vinyl as opposed to the cow hide that is used for leather. To the upholstery-illiterate driver (most of us), the differences are extremely minimal, which is why it is often mistaken for actual leather. Just because it isn’t actual leather, though, doesn’t make it inferior to the Designo leather that comes standard in high-end Mercedes-Benz models. It’s actually a matter of preference and many people prefer the benefits of MB-Tex.
What is MB-Tex Upholstery

Cleaning MB-Tex

MB-Tex is easier to clean. Leather has to be treated and washed very carefully to avoid stains or accelerated depreciation. With MB-Tex all you need is a vinyl cleaner, available at your local department store.

MB-Tex Durability

If not properly treated, leather tends to crack after about a decade. MB-Tex will actually last longer than leather. It will look brand new after 20 years of use.

Disadvantages of MB-Tex

MB-Tex is only available in a limited amount of colors. Leather is still more popular with the majority and therefore has a lot more options for colors. Leather also has that classic smell that gives off important vibes. You don’t get that satisfaction with MB-Tex.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but to the practical driver, MB-Tex seams like a better option. It is cheaper, easier to clean, and will last longer. Come down to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale to see for yourself.