2019 MB C-Class exterior drivers side profile with dramatic lighting

What is the Mercedes-Benz Night Edition package and which 2019 vehicles have it?

If you are looking for a fresh stylistic choice for your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you may want to check out the Night Edition package. But which 2019 vehicles have it? And, more importantly, what is this package? Check it out below!

Night Package on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle

While Mercedes-Benz is a European make, it took off in the United States quite early on. Now, these Mercedes-Benz vehicles has grown from a few models offered to many different options that luxury vehicle shoppers offer. Along with the growing models come a greater variety of optional packages for a vehicle. One such package is the Night Package, which is a popular package you can find at many different Mercedes-Benz dealers in and near Scottsdale.

It should be noted that if you want the Night Edition package you’ll need the AMG® Line Exterior package. In this package, you’ll have stylistic touches on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. You’ll have a glossy black finish on the grille crossbar trim of your vehicle, as well as your side mirrors and windows. You’ll also have an 18-inch AMG® wheels, equipped with all-wheel tires. Along with the black accents of the wheels, you’ll also have a stylish 5-spokes.

What is the AMG® Line with Night Package?

The AMG® Line with Night Package trim has not only the aforementioned Night Package, but also other design tweaks. These adjustments include the AMG® body styling, which has mesh air intakes, and other stylistic choices to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. You’ll also have stylish chrome tips on the vehicle’s grille.

Along with the exterior, the AMG® Line has interior changes as well. This includes things not only like the sport brake system, but also style changes such as the sport steering wheel, brushed aluminum pedals, and the sport front seats.

2019 C-Class Sedan interior sport steering wheel close up

2019 MB C-Class sedan exterior front fascia and drivers side

2019 MB C-Class exterior close up of wheels

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Which Mercedes-Benz vehicles have the Night Edition Package?

You can get the AMG Line w/Night Package on many of your favorite models such as the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLE, GLC, and others. You can find the Night Package optional on many different trims of these vehicles—even the base trim. So, if you are interested in, say, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan, you can get the Night Edition Package on the 2019 C 300, which is the lowest trim of the C-Class.

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