2021 MB GLS SUV lineup front fascia passenger side

What Mercedes-Benz SUV is the best to drive during the holiday season?

Getting ready for the holidays and buying a luxury vehicle can go hand in hand. But which Mercedes-Benz SUV is best to drive during the holiday season? Let’s take a look at the various Mercedes-Benz SUV models and see which one is the right model for you and your search criteria.

Which Mercedes-Benz SUV should I get?

2021 MB Maybach GLS exterior rear cabin looking to front seats

For starters, if you are searching purely for space, then the GLE or the GLS are the models for you. Largest out of the SUV lineup, the GLS is pure space, has incredible performance, and is certainly attention-grabbing out of its sheer size. It has 84.7 cubic feet of cargo space, making it easy to load with gear, groceries, and gifts! Take a step down and you’ll have the GLE, which has a max cargo space of 79.4 cubic feet. Not as much as the GLS, but it is a bit more maneuverable than the giant SUV.

If you want to make an impression on fellow drivers, the we suggest the GLC Coupe or the G-Class. The GLC Coupe has all the perks of a normal GLC SUV (with a little less space due to the design), but the swooping roofline creates a sportier, more eye-catching look. Likewise, the boxy shape of the G-Class is difficult to miss, and is bound to turn heads!

If you just need something comfortable to get from point A to point B the GLA or GLB are perfect for you! Small and compact, these two models aren’t quite as eye-catching as their fellow SUVs, but they are hidden gems for anyone who is looing for a model that they can not only drive to and from work everyday, but that they can take these two off-road for their adventures!

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