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Value Your Trade: 5 Ways to Boost Your Car Trade-In Value

 How to Prepare Your Car to Trade-In Process 

Trading in your car for a new one can be a long and arduous process that puts you through the wringer. There is the test drive, negotiating the purchase price, signing all the paperwork, and then waiting for your new car to arrive at the lot before you can finally get it on the road. To make this process easier and more cost-effective, check out these 5 ways to boost your car trade-in value from Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale.

Tips: Prepare Your Car to Trade-In 

Determine Your Car’s Value 

Establish your trade-in value by researching the make, model, year, and condition. You can find this information online or by visiting a dealership. If you are not sure what your car is worth in today’s market, visit our website for a free estimate of your car’s value before you trade it in to the dealership. 

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Repair Imperfections 

If you’re looking to trade-in your car, it’s essential to take care of any minor repairs you may have before the dealer gets a chance to see them. By identifying the imperfections and fixing them beforehand, you’ll increase the resale value of your vehicle. 

Clean Your Car Thoroughly 

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A clean car is an important first step to trading it in. Make sure to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your vehicle, including the dashboard and all surfaces. Next, make sure you have a spare tire and a full tank of gas. If you have any accessories such as roof rails or spoilers, remove those as well for simplicity’s sake. 

Gather All Important Documents 

The most important thing is to gather all the documents related to your car. This includes the original title and registration, as well as any receipts. Keep a log of when you last had your oil changed and have the wrench light looked at by a mechanic. It’s also important to have your car checked by a mechanic before trading it in, so potential buyers know exactly what they’re getting. 

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Sell or Trade Your Vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ 

If you’re shopping for a new Mercedes-Benz, there’s no need to let your current vehicle hold you back. Our team will arrange the trade-in of your old car. We’ll make sure that the process is as simple as possible, and you get the best possible price. It’s all part of our goal to help you find the perfect luxury ride!