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What Is the Difference Between USB and USB-C Ports in My New SUV?

Are USB-C ports better than USB ports?

Transitioning from an old car to a new car can be both difficult and confusing at the same time. With so many new technology features and changes happening inside the cockpit with every new iteration of a new SUV it can be difficult for some of us to wrap our heads around some of the unfamiliar-looking buttons, knobs, and ports. One trend that has been a bit confusing for most buyers is the shift from USB to USB-C ports in their brand-new SUV. Keep reading this blog post from Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale to know what is the difference between USB and USB-C ports in your new SUV.

What’s the difference?

The conventional USB port, also known as the USB-A port, is the traditional USB host port design. It’s the easiest to recognize because you’ve seen it everywhere. It’s the horizontal rectangular port that you see on your mobile phone charger.

On the other hand, the USB-C port is the newer port type announced in 2014. It’s smaller in size and more rounded the corners and although it took a while to become mainstream, it’s designed primarily to solve most of the problems and issues which were persistent in the older USB-A port.

Image showing a phone charger with USB-A port on top of a laptop with USB-C port

The main differences between USB and USB-C ports are:

USB PortUSB-C Port
Bigger, horizontal port whose bottom portion is taken up by pin connectors, thus USB connector can be inserted in only one directionSlimmer design that fits a USB-C connector no matter which direction the connector is flipped  
Multiple types of connectors and host connectors like mini USB, and MicroUSBSingle universal port and connector design to replace all types of USB connections at once
Typically slower because it does not allow high, wattage, voltage, and data transfer ratesAllows for higher wattage and voltage and higher data transfer rates than USB-A
Allows normal charging speeds for mobile devicesAllows fast charging for fast charging compatible mobile phones
Restricted to powering smaller devices like mobile phones and speakersCan power larger devices
Doesn’t allow higher video delivery rates and audio bit rates. Doesn’t support 4K content transmissionSupports higher video delivery rates and audio bit rates for much higher quality audio and video, including transmitting 4K content to a screen
 Supports alternate modes allows for different adapters for specific connections like HDMI, and older types of USB connections

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As you can see from the differences, the USB-C port has more advantages than a standard USB port. So don’t be afraid when you buy a brand-new Mercedes Benz SUV and notice the new USB-C ports for connecting your phone or other multimedia devices to your shiny new SUV via a wired connection. It’s not just another aesthetic change to better utilize the space on the dash, there’s plenty more to USB-C ports than meets the eye. And we’re sure it won’t be very long when USB-C connections will replace all existing USB-A connections and older ports.

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