What Is Mercedes-Benz In Car Office

Waiting For Synchronous Office Software In Your Car? We Are Less Than One Year Away!

What Is Mercedes-Benz In Car Office?

How do you keep track of your day-to-day schedule? Do you keep it on your phone? Do you still have a calendar on the wall in the kitchen? Post-it notes? Even if you are someone who keeps it all up in the old noggin, Mercedes-Benz In Car Office is something that you use to help increase your personal productivity, starting with punctuality. Of course, we are quite some time away from the picture of the passengers in the Luxury In Motion you see above, but not as far as you might think.

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Mercedes-Benz mbrace®

Car infotainment software such as Mercedes-Benz mbrace® has advanced extremely quickly in the last 10 years. Currently, drivers can easily jump between navigation, entertainment, and telephone applications, but the world is still waiting for a way to completely synchronize their digital and actual selves. This is where Mercedes-Benz In Car Office comes in.

In Car Office Project

Mercedes-Benz In Car Office is an infotainment software that uses internet service to keep track of simple office information such as emailing and daily schedules. It will be launched next summer in Mercedes-Benz vehicles with mbrace® subscriptions, meaning it will not use smartphone data or get confused when your phone can’t find a signal.


The main function of the In Car Office is to remind you of a meeting you forgot or alert you of new emails, but it will also take it a step further. For one, it will automatically find destinations listed on calendar events, removing the need to search. This saves time and makes the roads safer for everyone. If you are too far away to make it to an appointment or headed in the wrong direction, Mercedes-Benz In Car Office can also offer to make phone calls or initiate video conference calls, keeping you in touch with your digital self. If you have any questions about the Mercedes-Benz In Car Office project, leave a comment below and keep reading our blog as we follow the future of Mercedes-Benz.