Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Vehicle at CES 2016

Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Vehicle

Love it or hate it, the automotive industry is slowly weeding drivers out of the equation altogether. Mercedes-Benz in particular is at the forefront of phenomenon and even today is unveiling technology that has the future shooting out in all angles. Perhaps autonomous driving isn’t as far off as we thought? If you’ve never seen a Mercedes-Benz autonomous vehicle, it’s because they don’t exist to the public yet, but see for yourself how close we are.
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2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Autonomous Test

In Nevada, Mercedes-Benz has been granted a license to test the new E-Class on public roads. Surprisingly, Mercedes-Benz is the first auto manufacturer to be given the opportunity, but autonomous vehicles have actually been allowed on Nevada roads since 2011. This is why it is the perfect state for Mercedes-Benz to take the next step with the 2017 E-Class. If you live in Nevada, you can play a game to try and spot one of three autonomous E-Class models. They will be hard to spot though, because Nevada state law requires a driver behind the wheel and a second passenger in the car for autonomous tests.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept

This F 015 has been around for a while, but it is under constant reconfiguration. The outside kind of looks like a car, but the inside definitely does not. It features swivel chairs all around and projects communications on the pavement for other drivers or pedestrians. This was what Mercedes-Benz thought 2030 would look like, but now that the E-Class is cleared for autonomous testing, we think cars will look more similar to how they do now. Just take the S-Class video above as an example.  If you have any questions about Mercedes-Benz autonomous vehicles, let us know in the comments below!
Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz