Autonomous Visions of the Past

Mercedes-Benz Whensday: The Autonomous Dream

Autonomous Driving Visions of the Past

Autonomous vehicles, in one way shape or form, have existed since before the invention of the automobile. There have been many different visions over the last 150 years that stem from trains, cable cars, and straight-up fantasies. Take a look at some of these autonomous driving visions of the past that helped shape the future that we live in today. Just look at the F 015 Luxury in Motion‘s great grandfather in the cover photo!
What is Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT and how do I get it?2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class DRIVE PILOT

Robot Drivers

When computers were invented, along with it came the idea of artificial intelligence. Of course, the computers of the time were not complex enough for adaptive cruise control or PRESAFE braking, but as you can see here, the idea of a robot driving people around is one that many people fantasized about.
Robotic Drivers

Towing Systems

In places like San Francisco, underground towing systems pull the trolley cars up back up the steep hills. Because of this, the driver basically did nothing at all except collect fare. Did you know you weren’t the first person to think of connecting cars on the highway via underground cables? We didn’t.
Cable Car system on highway

Hyperloop Predecessor

Right now, there are a few companies with generous benefactors working on the technology to transport people through an air-tight vacuum tube. Elon Musk is well known for his support in this area and it is beginning to look like it will actually happen. Take a look at this picture than of what appears to be a futuristic, even for modern day, hyperloop.
Futurama Style Transportion in real life
Hyperloop Blueprints

Full Autonomy

Some of these ideas are pretty farfetched, but as you can see in this picture, some people got it absolutely right. Autonomous driving is less about new hardware and more about new software. This car looks completely normal for the time, but is driving itself. If you have any questions about any of the pictures you see here or about these autonomous visions of the past, leave a message below!
1950s Autonomous Car