Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck United States Availability

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Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck United States Availability

As we hear more and more about the incoming Mercedes-Benz pickup truck, we wonder what the real truth is regarding its potential United States availability. On one hand, Mercedes-Benz clearly stated that the truck will be created by 2020 and it will be sold pretty much everywhere except for North America. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz keeps hinting otherwise and, quite frankly, it doesn’t make any sense. Of course, Mercedes-Benz already has SUVs like the G-Class and the GLS that could be considered trucks, but they are not available with a flatbed.
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Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck VS Ford F-150

We expect this is the reason for all of the uncertainty at Mercedes-Benz. Sure, the pickup truck has been the best selling passenger vehicle in the country for more than 30 years, but it has specifically been the Ford F-150 defeating all competition. It is valid to be concerned whether a Mercedes-Benz truck could keep up with the F-150 in terms of sales, but it is too great of an opportunity for Mercedes-Benz to pass it up.
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The F-150 is popular for its reliability, performance, and affordability. Although the trend is changing as of recent, the F-150 has never been associated with upscale luxury. A Mercedes-Benz truck would instantly be recognized as the most luxurious pickup truck on the road. Drivers who want performance and luxury at the same time will have no choice but to switch to a Mercedes-Benz truck.
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Interior Design

So far, the only glimpses we have seen of the concept truck have been under heavy camouflage and have been exterior only. From this, we can see the truck will have many design aspects that match the GLE SUV, but we are still in the dark in terms of what the inside of the truck will look like. Do you think Mercedes-Benz can take on the Ford F-150 in the United States? Would you buy a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck? Let us know! Sorry that we don’t have any photos of a Mercedes-Benz truck built after 1929!