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Why do luxury cars have analog clocks?

If you are a car enthusiasts or you’ve just looked at a lot of cars, you might have noticed that almost every luxury brand includes an analog clock right in the middle of the dash. They are simple and elegant, but you might be wondering why luxury vehicles have this feature. Today we’re going to discuss why luxury vehicles have analog clocks in addition to or instead of digital clocks.

Advantages of Analog Clocks

They might be overlooked, but clocks are very important for vehicles to have. They help you keep track or your day and help you get where you need to go on time. Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz offer analog clocks on the dashboard, not just because they are stylish, but also because they are functional. One of the main reasons automakers choose to put analog clocks in their vehicles is because it creates a focal point in the vehicle. They often use high-end watch/clock brands, which also gives an added statement of luxury.

In addition, many drivers actually prefer the look of an analog clock. Many believe it to be more sophisticated and stylish. Digital clocks can look cheap instead of classy and it can change the whole feel of the cabin. Many drivers also argue that analog clocks are more accurate and are less likely to run too fast or too slow.

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