2020 MB GLE interior front cabin partial seats steering wheel dashboard with blue ambient lighting

How to change the ambient lighting in Mercedes-Benz GLE

If you have the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE, changing the ambient lighting in your vehicle is easy as saying ‘hey Mercedes.’ But if you have an older model, here’s how you can change the lighting inside your vehicle.

Ambient lighting in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle

 Display screen with ambient lighting in 2019 MB C-Class sedanAs we’ve said, if you have a 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE then changing the lighting is easy. This model has the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, MBUX®, system. This allows for natural-language voice control. So, if you have this model, you only need to say is ‘hey Mercedes’ and then tell it to change the color of the lighting.

However, if you are in an older model then the process is a bit more involved. Here’s how to change the ambient lighting in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle:

  1. Click the home button of your display screen
  2. Go to vehicle settings
  3. Click on light settings
  4. Click on ambient light
  5. Pick the color you want!

As you might know, there are 64 different ambient color options for you to choose from. So if you don’t like a particular shade of blue, you can change it! All you need to do is figure out which color you like.

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