How does the Mercedes-Benz ECO Start/Stop work?

Many Mercedes-Benz vehicles come standard with a feature called ECO Start/Stop. If you’ve never had a vehicle with this function, you might be wondering what is does and how it works. Today we’re going to help you learn more by exploring the benefits of Mercedes-Benz ECO Start/Stop. This feature could help you save both time and money on refueling.

How do you turn off the Mercedes-Benz ECO Start/Stop function?

The Mercedes-Benz ECO Start/Stop feature is a very useful function to have. When your vehicle is equipped with this feature it automatically activates when you start the vehicle and have your seat belt fastened with the door closed. The ECO symbol on some models will then show up highlighted in green to show that it is on. When this function is activated, your vehicle’s engine will shut off when you are at a complete stop, like at a stoplight or in standstill traffic.
Once it’s time to start moving again, the vehicle’s engine will automatically restart as soon as you lift your foot off the brake. There isn’t any kind of delay and you will most likely not even notice that the engine shut off at all. This feature will help you save fuel by being able to turn off your car when possible. You can also turn off these feature if you don’t want to use it. All you have to do it press the ECO button on the center dash, but we recommend keeping it on whenever possible to reduce emissions and save fuel.
How do you turn off the Mercedes-Benz ECO Start/Stop?

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