How Long Will a Car Starter Last

Life Expectancy of Automobile Electric Starter

Starters are one of the most fascinating organs of an engine because they are so simple, yet so vital. In fact, before the starter was invented, people were literally breaking their arms turning the engine over with a hand crank. A starter only costs about $100 on average, but when they fail, they can be extremely frustrating to replace, which is why labor costs can get steep. To find out exactly how worried we should be about starter failure, we first have to figure out how long a car starter will last.

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How Long Will a Car Starter Last?

When you need an oil change, you know it. But like many car parts, starters are unpredictable. No two starters will last the same length of time and there is usually no way to know that your starter is dying until the day your car doesn’t start and you have to call for service. They could last as long as 200,000 miles or as little as 30,000. Because of this, mileage isn’t really a good representation of how long a starter will last. Nor is time. But what else is there?
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How Many Starts?

Again, this number can vary dramatically. As a rule of thumb, you can expect about 80,000 starts from a brand new starter with no defects. Starters in warmer climates will typically last longer also, which is why car trouble is more likely on the worst day of the year when you need your car the most. That being said, 80,000 is a huge number and you shouldn’t worry about it until it fails because it might never need to be replaced. To put this number into perspective, if you only drive to and from work every day, you are only using 480 starts a year, not including holidays.
Life Expectancy of Automobile Electric Starter


There is an unfair stigma associated with Mercedes-Benz that every time something breaks, your bill will be 10 times more than the guy in the Honda Civic next in line. Although this is true in many cases, especially when compared to a Civic, it is not a law. Mercedes-Benz vehicles use the same starters that any other car does. Even the Civic! Don’t be intimidated by Mercedes-Benz parts. Many times, the only reason parts cost more is because they are built with better quality materials, making them last longer, saving you money in the long run. If you have any questions about car starters or need our help to get your car running again, contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale!