How To: Get Better Fuel Efficiency With These Simple Tips!

While Mercedes-Benz models are built with fuel efficiency in mind, there isn’t anyone reading this that wouldn’t like to improve their vehicle’s fuel economy. Fortunately, there are a number of small improvements you can make to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency! Incorporate these simple tips into your driving to save money at the pump, as well as the environment!

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10 Tips To Increase Fuel Efficiencygas gauge

While the best fuel-saving tip is to purchase a new, fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz model, we’ve listed another ten for drivers hoping to save money:

  1. Slow down!
    • Fuel efficiency peaks between 40 and 55 miles per hour. The harder you push your engine, the more fuel you’re going to burn.
  2. Go easy on the accelerator
    • Smooth driving is easier on your engine than slamming on your accelerator.
  3. Use cruise control
    • Keeping your vehicle at a constant speed will avoid making your engine work any harder than it needs to.
  4. Travel lightly
    • The more junk you have in your car, the more stress you put on your engine. Do you really need those golf clubs in the trunk?
  5. Keep your vehicle in good repair
    • Your vehicle has a lot of working parts, and many of them affect your fuel economy. So keep your filters clean, your wheels aligned and your tires inflated for optimal performance.
  6. Avoid unnecessary idling
    • Instead of idling, turn off your vehicle if you plan on waiting for more than 45 seconds. You’ll waste more fuel leaving your vehicle running.
  7. Choose the scenic route
    • Open road driving is perfect for increased fuel efficiency. You’ll avoid any stop-and-start driving that puts a strain on your engine.
  8. Monitor your tires
    • Properly-inflated and regularly-rotated tires roll easily with no friction. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially when it’s cold.
  9. Easy on the A/C
    • Your air conditioner puts an extra burden on your engine, which, in turn, uses more gasoline. Keep your windows open – especially when you’re not driving at high speeds.
  10. Don’t drive!
    • This is the easiest tip to save money! Avoid using your vehicle at all by choosing public transportation, walking or catching a ride from a friend or a ride-share program. The environment thanks you, as well.


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