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How to increase the value in your old car before trade-in

Are you searching for your next vehicle? Here’s how to increase the value in your old car before you trade it in near Phoenix, AZ.

Tips on how to increase your car’s value

2018 MB GLA exterior front fascia driver side on brick road in city

Here are some tips on how you can increase the value of your car. Some of these things add up over time, and others are quick fixes to get your car in its best condition before you trade it in.

Maintenance. Even though you’re planning on trading in your vehicle as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to ensure your vehicle is up to date with all of its maintenance.

Gather all the service documentation you have. No, you don’t need every oil change and tire rotation, but if you’ve have other vehicle services like spark plug replacement, new tires, etc.

Have it cleaned professionally. The look of your car may not be as important as the year, make, and model, but clean seats and an interior that doesn’t smell like it’s been lived in go a long way.

Fix rust spots/scratches. This is an easy DIY fix that won’t take to long to take care of and getting your car as new-looking as possible can help increase its value.

Repair any major tears in the seats. Much like the rust spots and scratches on the exterior, taking care of the interior can go a long way as well.

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Vehicle service and maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ

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