How to Remove Mercedes-Benz Dents

Mercedes-Benz Dent Removal 101

How to Remove Mercedes-Benz Dents

Like oil changes, the war against dents is one without an end in site. Car technology has come a long way, but other than a few failed “dent-resistant” campaigns, the structure of the vehicle has remained unchanged, leaving us to fend for ourselves against shopping carts, footballs, and overfilled dump trucks. If you don’t want to bring your car in for service, there are a few tricks to removing Mercedes-Benz dents on your own.
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Suction Cups

Whether you are driving an efficient CLA or an AMG race car, suction cups yield the highest success rate among all dent removal techniques. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be found at your local hardware store for less than $20. In this case, smaller is better, but so is quantity. If you have two or three small suction cups, as opposed to one toilet plunger, you will have a better chance of getting the dent to pop out.
Mercedes-Benz Dent Removal Instructions

Pound it Out

This is complicated and is usually what it comes down to when you bring your car in to a shop. Basically, the body panel has to be removed, pushed back through from the inside, and touched up. This can be a big job and we do not recommend it for the do-it-yourself mechanic.
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Dry Ice

Although we haven’t seen this in person, there are many Youtube videos showing how dents will pop out simply by rubbing dry ice on it. This works because the dry ice cools down the dented body panel, forcing the material to compress. This compression gets rid of any flexibility the panel once had and forces it back to its original shape.

Mercedes-Benz Small Dent Removal

Compressed Air

Compressed air can work the same way dry ice does. By flipping a compressed air can upside down, the liquid inside is forced out. This freezing liquid cools down the dented material, causing it to pop out. If you have any questions or need help with removing a dent from your Mercedes-Benz, leave a comment below or bring your car in to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale!