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How to tell if your vehicle’s timing belt needs replacing

No matter what vehicle you drive, your engine most likely has a timing belt that will need replacing at some point. This is how you can tell if your vehicle’s timing belt needs replacing or will need replacing soon.

Top five ways to tell if your timing belt needs to be replaced

Take a look below for the top five signs that will tell you your timing belt needs to be replaced or will need to be replaced soon:

car in air in service bay with mechanic underneath
  1. Car won’t start/engine won’t turn over
  2. Ticking noise
  3. Misfiring engine
  4. Oil is leaking from your engine
  5. Timing belt looks worn or thin

As you can see, the timing belt issues are fairly obvious and difficult to miss. So, if you think your timing belt needs to be replaced then it’s time to schedule a service appointment today.

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