Mercedes-Benz Smart Key

How To Use The Mercedes-Benz SmartKey?

Mercedes-Benz SmartKey User Guide

Mercedes-Benz is a world leader when it comes down to luxury vehicles and customer service. This luxury automobile brand is known for its security features, including Mercedes-Benz SmartKey and the KEYLESS-GO system. This SmartKey™ System is an innovative technology that will allow you to lock or unlock your car with the touch of a button. Learn more about the benefits of Mercedes-Benz SmartKey and what makes it unique in this blog post by Mercedes Benz in Scottsdale, AZ.

How to Operate SmartKey Feature in the Mercedes-Benz?

With SmartKey

  1. To lock your doors, press the button on the door handle. The door will lock with a click. 
  2. To unlock the doors, press the unlock button on the door handle. The door will unlock with a click.


1. To open or close the trunk

Just slide your foot under the center of the rear bumper. You will hear a click and the trunk will open. To close it, reverse the process. Just slide your foot underneath the same area and the trunk will close by itself.

2. To open the windows and sunroof

Just tap the unlock button and hold the unlock button on your key fob, vehicle lights will flash and both the front and rear windows will open up. Vehicles having a sunroof or convertible top can control these with the push of a button. Hold down this button to open and close it if desired.

3. To change the door lock and unlock settings

Many vehicles allow you to change the settings through their car’s infotainment system. However, with the Mercedes-Benz SmartKey, you can access the settings with an actual key fob. If you want only the driver’s door to unlock when you press the button, just hold down both lock and unlock buttons at the same time.

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The standard 64-color LED ambient lighting is one of many features you can control by voice.
The standard 10.25-inch touchscreen multimedia display lets you easily control numerous vehicle features.

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