The Potential Return of the Mercedes-Benz Convertible SUV

Mercedes-Benz Convertible SUV

Is Mercedes-Benz getting more in touch with its creative side? It certainly appears that way. This does not come as a surprise, however, considering all the refinements happening this year. First the GLK changes to the GLC. Then the M-Class evolves into the GLE. Now a convertible SUV? We may be getting ahead of ourselves, because there has not been an official statement from the German manufacturer, but it has shown interest in a Mercedes-Benz convertible SUV.

A convertible luxury SUV is not actually a new concept for Mercedes-Benz. The G-Class Galdewagon was offered in markets outside of the U.S. until 2013. Despite the drop in popularity leading to demise, Mercedes-Benz appears to be determined to find a market for the SUV. Mercedes-Benz Convertible SUVThe only speculation made public by Mercedes-Benz is that it would most likely have to avoid the Chinese market because of a vast unpopularity of convertibles throughout the country. We think it could catch on in the United States though and are excited to see what happens.

Other companies have tried this in the past, but aside from the Jeep Wrangler, they have failed. If someone was going to make it work, it would be Mercedes-Benz. It is safe to say that the convertible would be based of the G-Class, as it was for over thirty years before being discontinued.

If it happens, it probably won’t look like the 1930 Maybach DS 7 shown above… Okay it definitely won’t, but it will be fun to see what a new Mercedes-Benz convertible SUV would look like. This is especially true because of the major changes going on in the SUV lineup.

We will keep you updated on the status of the Mercedes-Benz convertible SUV. Until then, check out the inventory available at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale, AZ.