Hiking trail in valley with mountains and lake

Things to do near Phoenix, AZ, in summer 2021

Bored, bored, bored! Don’t let the lack of things to do get you down here in Phoenix, Arizona. Instead, we encourage you to get out there and have some fun! Here are some things to do near Phoenix, Arizona, in summer of 2021.

Activities you can do with your family near Phoenix, Arizona

Father and son biking outdoors in woods
  • The great golfing triad: regular golf, mini golf, and disc golf
  • See things: plays, musicals, and movies
  • Non-golf sports (yes, those exist) such as volleyball, basketball, football, and soccer
  • Try out badminton, bowling or pickleball
  • See if you have a green thumb by picking up some new houseplants
  • Prepare a bouquet of fake plants when you realize no, you don’t have a green thumb
  • The perfect duo: photography and hiking
  • Bike around your city and picnic in a scenic location
  • The best way to travel: road trip in your luxury SUV!

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