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Tips For Cleaning the Leather Interior of Your Mercedes-Benz

A luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz comes with a luxurious interior. This gorgeous and comfortable interior compliments your vehicle’s upscale good looks. A leather interior gives every vehicle a sophisticated and sleek look. Fortunately, leather seats are pretty easy to keep looking new and fresh. Keep reading to find out tips for cleaning your Mercedes-Benz model’s leather interior.

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How to Care For Your Mercedes-Benz Leather Seats?

To safely and efficiently clean your Mercedes-Benz leather seats, first vacuum any extra dirt or debris. Dirt and debris cause the most damage to leather seats, so it’s important to do this fairly-regularly, if possible. To clean leather, Mercedes-Benz recommends using their Mercedes-Benz Leather Care product. In one application, Mercedes-Benz Leather Care will wipe away contaminants and dirt, as well as coat your seats, protecting them from UV ray damage.

If you choose to use a product that is not specifically made for Mercedes-Benz, test out a small, hidden area of the interior first, just in case. For a deeper clean, a soft-bristled brush on the dirty and affected area. Just a reminder to only use products that are designed to clean leather, and avoid any cleaners that are petroleum-based.

How Often Should You Clean Your Leather Interior?

Because excess dirt and debris cause the most damage to leather, it is recommended you regularly vacuum your seats. Planning to do this every three months or so will provide your seats with the care necessary to keep them clean and in great condition for years and years. If you notice excess dirt or debris on your vehicle’s seat, remove it as soon as possible, before it scratches or damages your seats.

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If you’re nervous about using any type of cleaning product on the interior of your Mercedes-Benz, or if you’d like a professional detailing, stop down to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale. Our professional team will treat your Mercedes-Benz like a king, and return it to you looking as clean as when you first purchased it. Contact us today for all of your Mercedes-Benz service needs!