gloved hand placing golf ball on tee with club to the side

What golf courses are near Phoenix, AZ?

Even though golf season is nearly at its end here in Arizona, you still have time to get out there and play some rounds before the weather gets too hot! So, what golf courses are near Phoenix AZ? Let’s take a look!

Golf courses you can find near Phoenix AZ

This isn’t a complete list of the golf courses you can find near Phoenix, so if you don’t like our list, keep looking! Here’s a list of some of the courses we’ve found, and each are at least the standard 18-hole course:

golf ball on T at golf course
  • Encanto Golf Course
  • Arizona Grand Golf Course
  • Grand Canyon University Championship Golf Course
  • Papago Golf Club
  • Raven Golf Club

Again, this is only a short list of some of our favorite golf courses here in the Phoenix area! So, if you aren’t finding one that interests you keep looking!

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