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What kind of oil does my Mercedes-Benz C-Class need?

What kind of oil your Mercedes-Benz C-Class needs, you first need to understand the difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil. Let’s take a look at these two choices in order to determine which one you feel is better for your C-Class.

Should I use conventional oil or synthetic oil for my Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

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First of all, conventional oil is vehicle oil at its crudest form. It’s pretty much unrefined, and while this works for many vehicle models, it may not be the best option for your luxury vehicle. Synthetic oil is derived from conventional oil. It is more refined, and can keep your luxury vehicles engine working longer and more efficiently then if you used conventional oil. So, for your Mercedes-Benz C Class we encourage you to use synthetic oil. We know that the price tag for synthetic oil is a bit pricier, however in the long run this can help your Mercedes-Benz run longer.

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