2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Top Speed

How Fast is the 2017 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet?

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Top Speed

Technology and safety are at constant odds together in the automotive world. As technology advances, cars are able to produce more power in a more confined space, naturally prompting a higher top speed. Especially for cars like the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, customers beg for the limits to be pushed every year. With this outspoken desire for more speed, there is an opposite and equal reaction from national safety companies and mothers saying that the cars are already fast enough.

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2017 S550

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155 Miles Per Hour (Electronically Limited)

The S550 is often the most popular S-Class, but not just because of its affordability. For the relative price, the S550 still has very impressive performance specifications and is much more easy to drive for customers who just want the luxury and have no desire to risk their lives. That being said, you can definitely still risk your life in an S550, even if it is electronically limited at 155 miles per hour.

Mercedes-AMG S63

186 Miles Per Hour (Electronically Limited)

The S63 and the S65 have a weird relationship. The S65 has more power, yet the S63 accelerates faster, and they are both limited at the same speed of 186 miles per hour.

2017 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet

186 Miles Per Hour (Electronically Limited)

The benefit of the S65 is the acceleration you experience after 60 miles per hour. The S65 will get to 186 much faster than the S63 despite its lower 0-60 measurement.

Top Speed

The S-Class is fast, regardless of which model you pick. It’s no BMW 1000RR with a top speed of 200 or an Audi R8 at 205, but it is more than enough to say that if you are going to be going this fast, it should be on a closed course.

2017 Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet Top Speed_o

Electronic Limit Lift

In some circumstances, the top speed limitations can be removed by a Mercedes-Benz service department. This is not the case in the S-Class. A quick internet search will show you that some drivers have successfully done this themselves, voiding their warranties. We don’t recommend this for obvious reasons, but if you want to do it, you might need to learn German. If you have any questions about the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class top speed, leave a comment below!