2019 S-Class Sedan 560e

Will the new S-Class S560e plug-in hybrid be sold in the U.S.?

2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S560e Hybrid Sedan Release Date and Range

A new-generation plug-in hybrid is the latest addition to the stunning Mercedes-Benz S-Class lineup. Representing an ideal emission-free future for motor cars, the innovative S560e Sedan made its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt International Auto Show in September. Due to an increasing number of drivers choosing hybrid and electric cars over traditional gas models every year, the new plug-in hybrid sedan will be sold in the U.S. and is expected to become a quick favorite. Continue reading for more about the S-Class S560e release date, performance specs, and estimated all-electric range.  

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S-Class S560e Release Date

The 2019 S-Class S560e is expected to arrive at U.S. Mercedes-Benz showrooms sometime mid-2019. The modern hybrid offers drivers the best of both worlds; all-electric power can be used for city driving, while the combustion engine’s range is perfect for long country-side cruises. Thanks to hybridization, the internal combustion engine is more efficient, ensuring improved performance. The 2019 S560e upholds the effortlessly superior S-Class driving sensation with enhanced electric output.  

2019 S-Class S560e Command Center
2019 S-Class S560e in Silver
2019 S-Class S560e Charge Port

Hybrid System Specs and Range

Improved and refined, the 2019 S560e’s hybrid drive system consists of a 362-horsepower V6 spark-ignition engine and a new electric motor with an output of 90 kW and 325 lb-ft torque. The electric motor was specially designed for the 9G-TRONIC plug-in hybrid transmission, resulting in smooth, effortless acceleration in hybrid mode. With an on-board, fast-charging 7.2-kW charger, the S560e’s enhanced 13.5 kWh lithium-ion battery has an approximate all-electric range of 25 miles.  

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Eco Assist

The new plug-in hybrid sedan also features ECO Assist, an intelligent operating strategy that provides comprehensive support to reinforce economical driving. For example, a variable point of resistance in the pedal indicates to the driver that maximum electric output is being delivered. If the driver continues to press the pedal beyond this point, the combustion engine kicks in. Navigation data, traffic sign recognition, and information from the intelligent safety sensors are networked and processed via Eco Assist, as well, to promote anticipatory driving.