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Car Shopping FAQs: What you need to know when shopping in Scottsdale, AZ

Shopping for your car is already difficult endeavor here in Scotts Dale, Arizona. So, here some car shopping FAQs that many of our customers ask when shopping for their future vehicle.

Common driver questions when shopping for new cars

2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA from exterior front

Here are some common questions our shoppers ask when they are searching for their future vehicle.

Q. Are luxury vehicles worth it?

A. This can only be answered by Q. Typically, luxury vehicles can generally be assumed to be more powerful and have more comfort and entertainment features than your regular make and model. If these are features that are important to you, then a luxury vehicle is most likely worth it. However, if you just want a way to get from point A to point B, you may not want to look for a luxury vehicle.

Q. Should I buy new or used models?

A. Well new models tend to deprecate more than their used counterparts, new models also have the latest technologies and upgrades of the vehicle . So, if you are looking for the latest technologies or if there is a technology that just came out on the vehicle you want, you might want to shop for a new vehicle. However, if it’s just a carryover model, then you might want to check out last years version.

Q. Can I get a vehicle warranty on a certified pre-owned car?

A. Typically, CPO vehicles do come with their vehicle warranties. It’s important to check with your dealership to see which warranties they are.

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Test drive new and used vehicles in Scotts Dale, AZ

It’s time to take your future vehicle for a test drive here in Scotts Dale, Arizona! But where should you do so? We encourage you to check out our inventory, all of which is listed online, here at your friendly Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale. We look forward to hearing from you!