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Arizona Window Tint Rules and Regulations

How Much Can I Tint My Car Windows in Arizona?

Many drivers like to add a little tint to their car windows for privacy, a cooler cabin, and many other reasons. However, tinting your windows isn’t as simple as picking up a tinting kit and going to work. Every state and county throughout the U.S. can set their own limit on how much tint is legally allowed on a vehicle. Now, you may be wondering how much you can tint your car windows in Arizona. Keep reading to find out. 

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Vehicle Window Tint Laws and Measurements Man putting tint on car side window

Window tint darkness is a percentage measured based on how much light is able to come through the tint. This means that a higher percentage allows more light to come in, whereas a lower percentage blocks out more light. This is often the main component of tint-regulation laws and is how your vehicle is measured to check for compliance. In addition to the tint percentage, the tint reflection, or metallic or reflective tint film, may also be regulated by law.

A lot of new vehicles on the market come with some level of window tinting already installed in the window glass, but some do come without any tint at all. If you’re looking to add tint to a clear glass window or darken a pre-installed tint, you can do so using a do-it-yourself kit or you can have a professional install an aftermarket tint.

Tinting Windows in Arizona

So, how much tint can you have on your vehicle’s windows if you are an Arizona driver? Your front side windows, or the movable driver’s and passenger windows, must have a percentage no lower than 33%. The rear side windows, which include any side windows behind the front side windows, as well as the back window have no limit on the allowed tint. The windshield can be tinted up to the AS1 marking, which is the glass manufacturer’s marking near the top of the windshield. If you are looking to add reflection to your windows it may not be more than 35% reflective.

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Window tinting is a common question we get and is an important part of blocking the sun from our vehicles to prevent glare and ultraviolet rays. You can purchase tinted windows right from our dealership’s online shop and if you have any questions about tinting or service appointments you can contact our service team by phone at 480-845-0013.