Christmas wreath shaped as a Mercedes-Benz logo

Get a glimpse into the future with this Mercedes-Benz Christmas story!

Mercedes-Benz Future Traditions Christmas Film 2017

Mercedes-Benz created a somewhat humorous Christmas film that showed us a glimpse into the future—a world where all-electric cars and drones are commonplace. The point of the film is that, although Christmas traditions and our families seem to always stay the same, a quick look outside proves that the world is spinning faster than ever. Enjoy the Mercedes-Benz 2017 Christmas film titled “Future Traditions” below.

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EQ Concept in Christmas Commercial

The Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept debut is right around the corner. To highlight the all-electric, autonomously driving model, it is included in the Christmas film. Before long, our world might not look too different from the one in the video below—enjoy. Merry Christmas!