Mercedes-Benz Pedal Cars

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Pedal Car Replica

Mercedes-Benz Pedal Cars

As a child, you may remember pedaling a toy car around in your driveway, giving other drivers the finger and chasing after Bond villains. Even for children with more innocent imaginations, these are some of the best memories. What if we told you that Mercedes-Benz can help you give your children that same euphoria that you remember when you got your first set of wheels. Many people are surprised to find out that many of the Mercedes-Benz pedal cars were actually made and sold by Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, even more people are surprised to find out that you can still buy Mercedes-Benz pedal cars, directly from the manufacturer!
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Mercedes-Benz pedal cars are more than just toys for children. They are considered by Mercedes-Benz to be replicas of the actual cars and, featuring detailed stickers and a metal chassis. They are also collectable. Whether or not you let your child play with it is up to you, but we imagine it must be hard to resist.
Mercedes-Benz Electric Children's Cars

SL-Class Pedal Car

Although the design has changed with the passage of time, the pedal car is still the most popular version, probably because it is faster, gives children exercise, and doesn’t need to be charged. Regardless, that doesn’t stop Mercedes-Benz from doing what it does best, which is making cars more advanced and just better in general.

SL-Class Electric Car

The SL-Class children’s toy is also available with an electric motor that will accelerate from 0 – 4.3 MPH in one second flat and is perfect for road trips (not really).

The 2017 SL-Class will be unveiled this weekend at the LA Auto Show and it will feature a redesign from the 2016 SL-Class. We wouldn’t be surprised the Mercedes-Benz pedal car is also on display. If you already own a new or used SL-Class, come to Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead and we will help you order a pedal car for your future motor heads.
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