Places to eat on St. Patrick's Day in Scottsdale AZ

Best Restaurants in Scottsdale AZ for St. Patty’s Day 2016

Places to eat on St. Patrick’s Day in Scottsdale AZ

Traditionally, St. Patrick’s day is an excuse for college students to drink an alternate color, but let’s face it, you’re getting too old for that. Just look at what you Googled! St. Patty’s day doesn’t have to be about getting obliterated and working on your Irish accent. Even in Arizona, 2,635.7 miles from Boston by way of the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, we can have some fun with special dinners and events without any regrets the next day. Here are some places to eat on St. Patrick’s day in Scottsdale AZ, Mercedes-Benz not included.
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O’Donoghue’s Pub and Grill

There might be tons of O’Donoghues in Ireland, but here in Scottsdale, we have just one. This is the place to go for traditional Irish food such corn beef and hash and booya. The party starts at 6 AM in the O’Donoghue’s parking lot. Come for breakfast and stay for the Celtic rock and lunch that starts at 11 AM, but we can’t forget the drinks! They will be serving Guinness on tap, whiskey, cider, and anything else an Irishman can think of.

Skeptical Chymist Irish Restaurant and Pub

For more traditional Irish food and drink, show up at Skeptical Chymist starting at 7 AM. There will be corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, Guiness, Smithwick’s Irish Ale, live music, and prizes. No cover charge before 4 PM!

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Fleming’s is not an Irish-themed restaurant, but it is right up the road from us and it is one of the best places to eat in Scottsdale. The food menu will remain the same, but show up on St. Patty’s day to get some Irish Coffee, which has alcohol in it, or take advantage of the restaurant’s 5 for 6 until 7 deal with Guinness Draught.

Bagpipes in Scottsdale AZ for St Patricks Day


Every year, Chompie’s hosts an all-you-can-eat corned beef and cabbage deal with red potatoes and soda bread! Can you eat $21.99 of Irish food? We believe in you.

Clancy’s Pub

Why isn’t anything free anymore? At Clancy’s, get free green eggs and ham with the purchase of any drink. Enjoy your meal while you listen to bagpipes and drums and if you get there before 1 PM, you can even avoid the $10 cover charge.

Wally’s American Pub ‘n Grille

Your standard St. Patrick’s day celebration. Corned beef and hash, Irish music, and Guinness. This party lasts from 4-8 PM and might be a good one if you don’t want to get sucked into the night life after dinner.

The British Open Pub

Starting at 1 PM, you can enjoy bagpipe and drum bands, Guinness, and Scotch eggs!

If you still can’t find somewhere to eat on St. Patrick’s day, then leave your question in the comment section below. If you have any additional information about any of these St. Patty’s day parties, we would like to hear that too so we can share it with our readers!