Thanksgiving 2016 Activities Scottsdale AZ

Places To Eat On Thanksgiving 2016 In Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale AZ Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving 2016

Whether you are in it for the turkey or the pie, I think we can all agree that Thanksgiving is America’s favorite food holiday. Traditionally, we have family over and slow cook a 50-pound turkey for two days before feasting, but sometimes it is more enjoyable to outsource the work to one of the many unique dining establishments in Scottsdale AZ. If you are looking to stretch your legs this year, here are some restaurants in Scottsdale AZ that will be serving Thanksgiving dinners and lunches on the third Thursday of November 2016, November 24th.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Camelback Inn Resort & Spa

The Marriott Scottsdale is home to the largest number of restaurants in Scottsdale AZ that will be open on Thanksgiving 2016. Actually, most of them will be hosting special menus for the holiday, so it won’t be hard to find a traditional feast, but we can’t say the same about fitting in your GLA afterwords.

Sanctuary Resort and Spa

Sanctuary Resort and Spa is technically part of Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, but it is in a separate location in Paradise Valley, AZ and is home to a Thanksgiving lunch buffet and a Thanksgiving dinner.

Talavera Restaurant

Every year, Talavera hosts a Thanksgiving celebration buffet stocked full of regionally-inspired dishes, meaning you aren’t just limited to turkey and mashed potatoes.

Alternative Thanksgiving Activities

Although eating is a big part of Thanksgiving, it doesn’t have to take up the whole day, right? Did you know that many local attractions stay open on Thanksgiving? From go carting to golfing, you can find it all in Scottsdale and still have time for a test drive. If you have any questions about where to eat or what to do on Thanksgiving 2016 in Scottsdale AZ, leave a comment below!