Things To Do On Labor Day Weekend 2016 Mesa AZ

Labor Day Weekend Events And Activities In Mesa Arizona

Things To Do On Labor Day Weekend 2016 Mesa AZ

Labor Day 2016 is less than a month away and that means a long weekend for us laborers in Mesa AZ! Lucky for us, this is one of the best times of the year when the temperatures drop below 100 degrees during daylight hours, yet stay around 70 degrees at night. This means our options for things to do on Labor Day Weekend 2016 are endless! Whether you are looking for something relaxing to do during the day or exciting at night, you don’t have to leave Mesa to entertain yourself on Labor Day. Here are a few lesser known opportunities!
Labor Day Activities in Scottsdale AZLabor Day 2016 Activities in Scottsdale AZ


Golfing in Arizona is an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or trying it for the first time, the views alone are worth the sore legs. There are plenty of golf courses in the Mesa area, but we recommend the Longbow Golf Club for the best representation of Arizona golfing. If you are going to be in town the week before Labor Day, come golfing with us! We are hosting an amateur-only golf tournament at the Phoenix Country Club! Registration comes with giveaways, lunch, awards, and more!

Live Entertainment

If you are constantly playing with the mood lighting in your car and enjoy the night life, Mesa has a few places right in town that will be featuring musicians, comedians, and other things such as this. Club Red is a popular hot spot for hip-hop artists and will be featuring Watsky on September 1st. Remember this video? That’s him!

Food and Drinks

Mesa is best known for its Mexican restaurants, but there are tons of places to fill your tummy. Try Oregano’s Pizza Bistro for Chicago-style pizza or Crackers & Co. Café for classic American food and all-day breakfast! If you have any questions about these opportunities for local fun in Mesa AZ on Labor Day Weekend 2016 in Mesa AZ, leave a comment below!