Christmas tree made of lights on red background with snowflakes

What holiday events are you going to near Phoenix, AZ in 2018?

There are so many holiday events happening around Phoenix, AZ, in 2018 that it can be difficult to decide which event you want to go to! Thankfully, many of these last until at least January, so you have plenty of time to go to all! Let’s take a look at what events you may be interested in.

Light Shows

Glendale Glitters: Dec 7-Jan 12. You may need to drive a bit to get to downtown Glendale, but this is an award-winning light show and well worth it!

ZooLights: Nov 22-Jan 13. What is better than the zoo? The zoo at night all lit up for the holidays! Is the Phoenix Zoo one of your destinations this holiday season?

Illumination: Nov 14-Jan 5. Hop in your Mercedes-Benz and enjoy this mile-long music-synchronized light show right here in Phoenix.

Ice SkatingIce Skating

CitySkate Holiday Ice Rink: Nov 21-Jan 2. Strap on your skates and pull on your gloves, because a winter wonderland is in Central Avenue!

Skate Westgate: Nov 15-Jan 13. Another event in Glendale, but a good place to go if the CitySkate gets a bit too crowded.

Holiday Shows

Elf: The Musical: Dec 5-9, 12-16,18-24, 26-30. Join Buddy the Elf on his humorous journey of self-discovery at the Phoenix Theatre.

Ballet Arizona: The Nutcracker: Dec 13-24. A classic ballet is now at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. Watching IB Anderson’s The Nutcracker is a great holiday tradition to start.

Frances Smith Cohen’s Snow Queen: Dec 1-16. A beautiful and mysterious world based on the popular Hans Christian Anderson’s creation.

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Driving tips to keep safe during the holidays

While this may seem rather repetitive, it is important to remember some key things that you may not think about usually.

Pay attention to your surroundings. You never know what the drivers around you are going to do, so take that extra second or so to look around before switching lanes or turning.

Be mindful of motorcycles and bicycles. It can be easy to miss people who are on motorcycles or bicycles. Take time to verify that there are none around you before turning or switching lanes.

Use turn signals. While this may seem extremely obvious, there are many people that forget to use their turn signals. However, it is important to communicate to other drivers what your intentions are.

If you have any questions about safe driving practices or which Mercedes-Benz vehicle has some great safety technologies and features, please contact us here at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale! We want you to stay safe during your holiday travels.