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Driving etiquette: what road rules do people often forget?

Don’t turn! Okay, now you can go. Phew, that could have been a disaster. Maybe it’s time to brush up on some of that driving etiquette you may have forgotten since you’ve taken drivers ed. Take a look at some of the rules of the road that many people have either forgot about, or don’t necessarily follow, and what you may want to do about it.

Driving laws to brush up on

  • No passing zone signTurn signals. You may have slipped every so often on when you put your turn signal on, or even just haven’t done it if you are the only one on the road. However, a forgotten turn signal, especially on a busy road, can lead to an accident.
  • Slow traffic keeps right! Even if you are already going fast in your opinion, if there is someone going faster than you, switch over to the right lane and let them pass. Not only is it courteous, but it prevents them from trying to pass you from the right lane, which can be dangerous for everyone on the road.
  • Yellow means slow down, not speed up! We get it, a red light is the last thing you want to hit when you are late for work. But you can never be certain when that yellow light will change to red, which can get you a ticket, or get you into an accident. If you can safely stop when the light turns yellow, you should do so.
  • Not stopping for a school bus. If a school bus has stopped and has their stop sign out, you need to stop! This is for the safety of the children the bus is carrying, letting off, or picking up.

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Safety features in vehicles

Thankfully, vehicles are becoming more and more safe as new models are released. Now, there are excellent driver-assist features that can potentially help to avoid or lessen the severity of a crash. If you are interested in learning more about the driver-assist technologies that are available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we would be happy to tell you here at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale!