two kids leaning out of car window

When can my child start to use an adult seat belt?

If only there was an instruction manual for your child! Parenting can be an imposing task, especially when it comes to your child’s safety. Knowing when they can use an adult seatbelt is important not only your peace of mind but most importantly their safety.

What age can a kid sit in a normal seat instead of a booster seat?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific age set in stone that tells you when your kid can sit in a normal seat instead of a booster seat. Depending on how fast they grow, you can find them ready for a normal seat anywhere between 8 and 12 years old. But it isn’t about the age. Instead, you’ll need to pay attention to when they are tall enough to sit with their back against the seat, and their knees bent over the edge of the seat. Depending on the size of the seat, you can usually find they are ready when they reach around 4 ft. 9 in.

When they finally can move out of the booster seat, you’ll want to make sure they wear their seatbelt properly and are sitting correctly on the seat. This can potentially help keep them from harm if you get into an accident.

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preschool boy in booster seatWhen can I turn my child’s car seat around?

You might think that by the time your child hits 2 years of age it is safe to turn their car seat around. And in some cases, you would be right. However, there have been recent studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics that suggests it isn’t an age you should wait for, but a weight.

Because of the disproportionate weight and size of a toddler’s head, it can be even more dangerous for them to be in a car accident when they are under 40 pounds and they don’t have the support of a rear-facing child seat. When their car seat faces the back, their head, neck, and shoulders are supported by the seat. However, if they face forward, they lose that support and are only restrained by a seatbelt.

So, even if you are excited about this important milestone, it may be safer to wait until they weigh 40 lbs. Of course, using your own judgment and reading the directions of their car seat is always a good route to take, so be sure to read the instructions before using the car seat!

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