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How can I reset the clock in my Mercedes-Benz Vehicle?

Timekeeping can be difficult enough with a working clock. Things can get a bit more interesting if your clock doesn’t show the right time. So, how can you reset your Mercedes-Benz clock? It’s a simple process, so check it out below!

Mercedes-Benz vehicle how-to video

As you can see, the process is pretty simple. Normally, you shouldn’t need to worry about setting the time, since your luxury vehicle takes time from the GPS. However, if you do need to reset it for whatever reason, the process is simple, and is explained in the videos!

  • Find and click the “vehicle” button on the top screen menu
  • Find “time” in the lower menu
  • There should be a list of features, like “time zone,” “Daylight Savings Time,” and “Set Time Manually.” If you want to change the time zone, click on time zone, and then select the time zone you are setting the clock for. If you want to disengage the automatic daylight savings time, click on “daylight savings time” and select “off.” If you want to manually set the time, click on “set time manually.”
  • Turn the knob to change the hour, then slide it right in order to change the minutes. Press down once you are done!

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